Advanced Website 
Design Package

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Advanced Design Package: - 10 Pages
$245.00  down & $24.95 per month!
A complete ten (10) page custom web site.

Do you have your own video clips on YouTube? If so, we can embed them on your web site!


Advanced Web Design Package
Includes your homepage plus 10 additional web pages (11 total) with all the text that you provide. Up to 4 images/photos per page with captions.

Added Extras!
You get all the text you desire on your pages.
A a photo gallery with up to 20 thumbnail photos on a page! Images will also be configured for larger higher-resolution viewing when clicked.
Add your own YouTube videos!
Add Midi Music!

This package includes:

Domain Name -
Domain email ( with access to your email account 24/7 on any internet connected computer.
Up to 20 personalized internet accessible e-mail accounts are included.
One full year of website/domain hosting.
Complete design, including graphic creation and photo compression

Advanced Web Design Package is 11 fully custom designed web pages and consist of:
"Home" page, - Name of business. and crucial business information page that you supply.
"About Us" page, Information about your business, product types, and history of your company.
"Products" page, Detailed info about products or services that you offer.
"Contact Us - fill in form and Thank-you" pages, - Full personal contact information for you and your business.
"Favorite Links" page. - Share your favorite pertinent reciprocal links with other related businesses or another of your own websites - ten (10) click able links to other web sites of your choosing.
All logos and links to any societies or clubs, Better Business Bureau, etc., can be displayed on your favorite links page. These do not count toward your links or images.
and 5 more pages for your information about products, or your services
YouTube Video Clips can be embedded on your web pages.
Pay pal integration - If you sell items, services or supplies you can use your webpages for these purposes and sell items directly from your page using paypals services.

Your website will be listed in our Portfolio Index.
Your website will be submitted to Google and Yahoo Search engines with relevant keywords and meta tags for proper indexing.

Advanced Web Design Package are renewed yearly for $245.00 and $24.95 per month.
Monthly Website Updates! are Included.

You can not afford to not have a professional web presence.!

It's easy to get started! $245 Down and only $24.95 per month!
Or you can save a little bit of money and pay $495 for the entire year at once - saving you $50.00!


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