Do you 
need a website?

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Do YOU need a Webstie?


Roughly a quarter-million Internet searches are performed every minute. If someone is looking for products or services which you provide, not having a web site can be costing you money!

As a marketing and sales tool, an Internet Web presence can be the most cost-effective avenue for reaching millions of potential customers for your business.
Before building an online presence, using precious marketing resources, you should assess the potential for new business/customers vs adding to your bottom line.

Don¡¯t feel pressured to ¡°get a web site¡±, just because everyone else has one. It¡¯s a business decision: if the benefits don¡¯t outweigh the costs, use your resources elsewhere.

How do you evaluate the benefits your business might reap from having a website?
A web presence can add legitimacy and improve the perception of your organization making your business more competitive and having a more professional appeal.

Research your competitors, understand your customers¡¯ buying preferences, and learn from the practices used by others in your industry.
Do a keyword search on the major search engines to see which competitors are listed at the top of the results. Are they attracting customers that should be yours?

Consider all of the ways a web presence can help your business run more effectively. For instance, many company employees waste valuable time sending out forms, giving directions, and answering the same general business questions repeatedly. All of this information can easily be incorporated into your website, freeing up valuable productivity time.

Does every business need to have a presence online? The answer is no, depending on the industry you¡¯re in, you may not need one. However, when people can find your business easily you will reap the many benefits of exposure on the World Wide Web!

Many successful online businesses might not seem an obvious choice for the Internet. However, your company and business information being found easily, even if you sell no products on your site, can lead to a new customer, resulting in a sale!

Be creative, and don¡¯t limit yourself. Give your retail customers a reason to visit your physical store with a sneak peek of what's inside! Give your Sertvice customers a reason to contact you for more services!

People now use the Internet every day in searching for information and resources.
Online directories and Yellow Page sites have been expanding as people head to their computers for the most basic information such as telephone numbers and addresses.
The high tech targeted local search results of today's search engines, will only accelerate online resources, ever-improving your ability to attract new business.


Compare the Need for a website vs the actual costs!


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